February 24, 2019


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Ben Phantomfox, William Foulbutler, Velvet DeMarisco, Murlock, Char Gold Rogers, Samuel Bladeburn, Kevin Ironbeard, Spencer Fire, Kris Cannonfury, Richard Fireskull, Joseph Savagewrecker, David Ironeagle, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Fireflint

By proxy: Charles Scurvyfish, Tyler McDyess



- Database Report: Bugfixes, incorporated database documentation directly onto the site, added support for documentation uploads by officers. More backend changes are en route as well.

- Officer Training Applications: Murlock, Ben Phantomfox, and David Ironeagle have been approved to be a dedicated Officer trainer. Applications are still open and can be sent in at any time.

- Events: More events such as the guild PVP and SVS tournaments are recommended due to their popularity and involvement with the guild.



- Some discussion took place about helping new members feel more at home, in addition to some concerns about guild activity.

- It was voted that usage of the Dark Archive name is acceptable in games other than TLOPO, as long as an Officer is there to oversee the guild's operation. Rules should adhere to the original guild rules but can be adapted as necessary to fit the target game. Further discussion on specifics will be made next meeting.