February 23, 2020


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Velvet DeMarisco, Kris Cannonfury, William Foulbutler, James Swordfury, Samuel, Peter Ironcastle, Kevin Ironbeard, Spencer Fire, Tyler McDyess, David Ironeagle, Char Gold Rogers, Eric Fireskull, Mekelle

By proxy: Darkness, Richard Fireskull


- Database Report: The new version of the officer database is finished. Released is slated for tomorrow, 2/24/2020. The database will undergo a period of downtime for the upgrade. Private messages from the old site will NOT be brought over due to incompatibilities.

- Recent veteran change: Things have been going well. Many new names have been added and promoted. Veterans and Officers are both encouraged to recruit new members to the guild.


- It was proposed that the officers develop a new set of recruiting "best practices" to help bolster activity in the guild. This will be created post-meeting.

- Tacky Friday needs to be promoted more! Officers and others are encouraged to get the tackiness rolling every Friday. It was suggested to associate an event with Tacky Friday - boss raids will be held from 7-9pm Eastern on Fridays. All guild are encouraged to be tacky!

- Minecraft server: A guild Minecraft server has been created. It is currently open for SCO+ and requires members to be whitelisted. Going forward, if the server is to expand, it will need to be moved to different hardware. It is currently running on the server that hosts dark-archive.com which doesn't have enough hardware resources to support a large crowd.

- Reminder to be actively helping members and frequently asking in guild chat if anyone needs help. To go along with this, there was a proposal to implement "Glow Parties" or guild training night events to assist members with leveling their skills. Proposed day and time for these to take place are Saturdays from 7-9 Eastern.


- Will Plankmalley

- Johnny O'Might