February 19, 2012


Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, John Foulroberts, Red Beard, Thomas Darkskull, Kate Darkbones, Richard Fireskull, Johnny Darkbones, Kevin Ironbeard, Samuel, Tobias Darkfitte, Patrick 


- No issues were discussed 

- Officers discussed adding another topic into the "Beyond the Map" section of the forum - the Caribbean Map 

- This will include things such as dig spots, mini maps, enemies, and permanent bosses 
- Roles of who is doing what will be relegated to the Officer Discussion 

- A discussion was brought forth on creating a SEPARATE area on the guild site for Veterans to access. The forum would be accessible by both Veterans and Officers only. Boss will be handling this. 


Danger/Beastly X/Charles O'morrigan - promoted to Officer ( Charles will remain a member but Danger/Beastly to be promoted) 

Henry Blastmalley - training to be extended 2 weeks. 


Mike - to be mentored by Kevin Ironbeard. 

Jack Daggerwrecker is a former officer ( Peter Daggerwrecker ). Jack lost his Peter Daggerwrecker character but also stopped playing for a while. Jack has requested that he regain his officer status. As per our policy, returning officers may regain their status pending retraining. Tobias Darkfitte has agreed to retrain Jack. He will be placed on Veteran status until Toby declares that he is fit to resume office. There were no objections to accepting Toby's assessment rather than re-voting on Jack.