February 18, 2018

Officer Present:

Jason Firewalker, GM, Kat Five Knives Co-GM, John Foulroberts Co-GM, Kris Cannonfury/Pasta FCO, William Foulbutler FCO, Spencer, Tyler McDyess, Patrick, Johnny Swordparr, Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Kevin Ironbeard,  Char Gold Rogers, Samuel Bladeburn "Little Rich", James Sterling, David Ironeagle, Destroyer Maniac, Drew, Mekelle

By Proxy (Proxy Master Kris Cannonfury):  Nate Hexwinds FCO, Charlotte Ironphoenix


Officer data base report by William Foulbutler - Read receipts added, recent events loads on page load, fixed an issue with private messages


Events canceled due to unannounced updates that were occurring at the time our events were scheduled.  SVS Sunday is tonight at 10 Eastern.


The emergency "one warning then boot" policy has been extended - this applies to drama in guild chat, provocative or trollish/flaming chat but not to other rules such as breaking the tp rule.

It was determined that warnings for members will now expire after a 3 month period.  


Nominations will be delayed another 2 weeks.

If there is an ERROR in this report, please PM Kat Five Knives