Feb 28, 2011

Guild Topics and Issues: 

  • * Officers will discourage any "guild bashing" as they see it and may punish repeated offenders. This goes under the rule of "Respect Others" 
    * Officers will more tightly enforce the "TP only with Permission" rule. One shall be warned and then put on 24 hour ban if it happens again. 
    * Discussion on better involvement of members is open. 


Old Petty Officers: (Petty ~ Mentor (status)) 

  • * Anahi ~ Handy Dan (Promoted to 2nd Class) 
    * Jack Burnvane ~ Kitty (Promoted to 2nd Class) 
    * Johnny Darkbones ~ Kate Wildcastle (Extended) 


New Petty Officers: (Petty ~ Mentor) 

  • * Anna Banana ~ Char Gold Rogers