December 30, 2018

ATTENDEES: Tyler McDyes, Thomas Sailskull, Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, Kris Cannonfury, Samuel, William Foulbutler, Fireflint, Destroyer Maniac, Char Gold Rogers, Mekelle, Murlock

By Proxy:  Charlotte Ironphoenix, John Foulroberts, William Firemenace, Richard Fireskull, Nate Hexwinds, Mysterious Man, Mark Scurvyfox, Sir Francis Drake, Ben Phantomfox, Kevin Ironbeard


  • Database report by William Foulbutler:  Redesigned account manager, bug fixes, Meeting attendance records improvement, and other miscellaneous enhancements.
  • Events:  Suggestions were made 1) Sailing/Mat runs  2) Challenge to collect rare or common weapons from low level enemies  3)  PVP Tournament Feb 17


  • There will now be 6 dedicated DA training officers who will oversee all veteran training.  There will be an application process and the selection will be made by the FCO's
  • Veteran Results:  Velvet DeMarisco passes and will be promoted to Second Class Officer.  Torilynn's training will be extended one month.
  • Agendas for meetings will be due by 8 PM (Eastern time) Friday night prior to the meeting.  Proxies will be due by 4 hours prior to the meeting except in an extreme emergency.
  • Murlock has volunteered to create a new officer DB training video
  • One of the new dedicated trainers will be in charge of training the new officers in using the DB.
  • There was a suggestion of moving from Guild Launch.  No decision was made at this time.  
  • Officers are reminded to be helpful and on the look out for those who need assistance.