December 29, 2019


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, William Foulbutler, Joseph Savagewrecker, Kris McPasta, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Eric Fireskull, Peter Ironcastle, Kevin Ironbeard, Spencer Fire, Murlock, Mekelle, Char Gold Rogers, Samuel, James Couch

By proxy: Kat Five Knives, Boots, Destroyer Maniac, Richard Fireskull, Velvet DeMarisco, Nate Hexwinds


- Database Report: Seasonal snow effect has been implemented for the winter holidays, set on a timer to automatically enable/disable. The database is slated to be overhauled with a complete front and backend rewrite, sporting performance/security/usability improvements. The overhaul will take a while to complete and has no ETA.

- Events: A Test Tuesday event will be started with the advent of TLOPO's new Test Server! This is much akin to our POTCO Test Tuesday event.


- A reminder to be more helpful and to try to recruit more members was made.


- James Swordfury