December 29, 2011

ATTENDEES: Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, John Foulroberts,Johnny Darkbones, Horatio Stormchaser, Jim Hexskull, Perrault, kate Darkbones, Kris McPasta, Mark Edgecastle, Nate Swordmenace, Patrick, Red Beard, Addison 


* Johnny Plundertimbers presented his case to be allowed back into the guild. The officers approved his reguilding and he was reguilded by Boss. 

* An issue was brought forth concerning a post made by a guild member on the .co site. Cougar will begin a discussion thread so that we can discuss solutions to this issue. Officers are asked to contribute to the thread. 

* Cougar Bladerage proposed that the minimum wait time to be considered for officer be raised from 2 to 3 months. This is in response to the recent account stealing incidents and will give us more time to assess any potential officer as a trustworthy person or a risk to the guild. The proposal was passed. 

* Nate Swordmenace suggested a whole guild meeting once a month. Many felt this would be a waste of time. This may be worthy of further discussion. 


* Ben Ironbutler - Promoted to Officer 

John Goldloather, to be mentored by Jim Hexskull 
Samuel to be mentored by Nate Swordmenace 

If there is an error or omission in this report please PM Kat Five Knives rather than responding to this post. Thx