December 27, 2020

Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Jade Bladefury, Nate Hexwinds, Spencer Fire, Kris Cannonfury, Wiliam Foulbutler, Samuel, Richard Fireskull, Darkness, Tyler McDyess, Kevin Ironbeard, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Larimar, David Ironeagle, Spoof, Char Gold Rogers, Destroyer Maniac, Katherine LaPearl, Peter Ironcastle, Hartley

By proxy: Roger O'Martin, Samantha Goldskull


- Database Report: No new updates to report.
- Officers are reminded to sign up for events using the Google Doc shared in the meeting agenda.


- Reminder to vote on the database for the latest petty officers.
- Suggestion: Open TP channel - passed.
- Suggestion: removal of the "ask to tp" rule - rejected.
- Suggestion: allowing members to post in #legend-photos - passed.