December 11, 2011

ATTENDEES: Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, Anna Banana, John Foulroberts, Kate Darkbones, Kevin Ironbeard, Mark Edgecastle, Patrick, Richard Fireskull, Red Beard, Sir Pasta Lot, Perrault, Tobias Darkfitte, Kitty, Stealthly Cannoneer, Jim Hexskull 


* The Draft version of the looting policy was approved by a majority vote. 

* After 2 weeks of discussion on the guild site, the officers have APPROVED a change to the definition of VETERAN. Effective immediately: 
- Any PERSON who passes officer may have any or all of his/her pirates as OFFICERS, VETERANS or MEMBERS upon request to Boss. 
- A Veteran will be defined to be an officer IN TRAINING ( aka Petty officer ) or An officer who has lost rank but is still part of the officer corps. 

* Cougar Bladerage initiated a discussion questioning if we need a procedure in place when an officer believes a member's account has been compromised ( hacked ). The general consensus was that our officers are trained and trusted to be able to handle such a situation if/when it arises and that no formal procedure is necessary. 

*A question was raised as to a new officer meeting place, as the updates will not allow more than 12 on a ship. The discussion was relegated to the Forums - 

* Kevin Ironbeard asks if there are limits on the numbers of officers our guild will have. Currently there are none. This discussion was relegated to the Forums - 

* It was clarified that if a petty officer does not pass the first time that they are allowed ONE extension only .. and that after the extension ends if they still have not passed, they are dropped from training and will have to be nominated again. 


* Tobias Sterneaston - Promoted to Officer 
* Ben Ironbutler - Training extended 

--- None were chosen this week ----- 

If there is an error or omission in this report please PM Kat Five Knives rather than responding to this post. Thx