August 7, 2011

ATTENDEES: Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, Horatio Stormchaser, Kate Darkbones, Kiana, Maggie, Mark Edgecastle, Nate the Great, Red Rogue ( AKA Red Beard ), Tobias Darkfitte, Rose Squidbonnet, Kitty, Pain 

By proxy: Richard Fireskull, Jeanne Stormfury, Angel Prowpaine, Molly Heartbreaker 

* Discussion of allowing people who are MEMBERS of the DA guild on live to be allowed to be VETERANS on test. There were several justifications: 1. Test is more laid back and few people around 2. Members may not be trained but they know the rules enough to agree to them and follow them 3. With veteran status they will have the power to add members to the test guild ( but not remove them ) This will aid in the building of a functional guild on the test servers. The motion passed. 
* An issue of officers not being invited to watch petty officers in the guilding process was brought forth. OFFICERS, please remember to openly invite other officers when a petty is performing. 

Mekelle ( aka "Mike ) .. votes in favor of giving Mekelle another 2 weeks of training. 

Mark Cabinwrecker .. votes in favor of giving Mark another 2 weeks of training, but will be dropped from the training program if he does not play enough to be trained.

None were chosen as we can only handle 2 trainees at a time.