August 6, 2017


Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, William Foulbutler, Tobias Darkfitte, Kevin Ironbeard, Spencer Fire, David Goldrage, Mark Scurvyfox, John Yellowrat, Mekelle, Thomas Sailskull, Nate Hexwinds

By proxy: Richard Fireskull, James Badbones, Destroyer Maniac



  • The Home Server Poll was announced to close August 6. UPDATE AUGUST 8: Members voted in favor of Poderoso becoming Dark Archive's official home server!
  • Report on Friday Night Poker: Due to the limit in involvement poker tables provide, it was decided that Friday Night Poker become Friday Night SvS (in addition to Tacky Friday).
  • Report on the Officer Database: William Foulbutler has finished a few rounds of major development. Data is ready for input.


  • In an effort to make members feel more welcome and engaged, it was emphasized that Officers both host and encourage open tp events, greet members when they come online, as well as reaching out directly to specific members inquiring if they require help. 
  • A "statute of limitations" was agreed upon by the Officers with regards to member behavioral issues. Consensus was after 72 hours, any behavioral issue that has not been officially addressed will no longer be considered for official reprimanding or reporting.
  • Clarification was brought forth with regards to nominating a Petty Officer implying an Officer's willingness to train them. Officers disagreed with this practice. Nomination is not linked to desire to train.


  • Charlotte Ironphoenix - promoted to Officer.
  • Ezmerelda Dreadbones - promoted to Officer.


  • Angel Prowpaine (Sharkbait) was selected to resume training.


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