August 23, 2020

Officer Meeting Agenda August 23, 2020

Attendees:  Richard Fireskull, William Foulbutler, David Ironeagle, Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, Kris Cannonfury, Tyler McDyess, Spencer Fire, Joseph Savagewrecker, Murlock, Nate Hexwinds,  Roger O’Martin, Peter Ironcastle, Kevin Ironbeard, Jade Daggerfury, John Foulroberts, Char Gold Rogers, Destroyer Maniac, Mekelle

By Proxy:Samuel, Darkness/Brightness


·         Database Report (William)

Bug fixes and automatic assignments of points for 3 consecutive missed meetings.

·         Event Proposals & leaders (Each event must have a leader, Times are EST)

·         Event leaders (OIC) are in charge of advertising and conducting the event.

(See guild calendar for events)



-Guild suggestion:  Music/Karaoke night , failed

-Potions Class, passed, to be hosted by Roger O’Martin 8/31 & 9/14 8PM

-Fishy Fridays, failed

-Text to Speech channel, failed

-Halloween costume contest (in October), passed (hosted by KFK)

-A “Count to” game channel, failed

-Guild D & D, failed

·          OPEN FLOOR

  • none