August 22, 2021

Officer Meeting 8/22/2021

ATTENDEES:  Kris Cannonfury, Darkness (Boots), Kevin Ironbeard, Destroyer Maniac, Richard Fireskull,
 Nate Hexwinds, Kat Five Knives, Murlock, Tyler McDyess, Char Gold Rogers, Jason Firewalker, 
 Samuel Bladeburn, Hartley, William Foulbutler, Larimar, Charlotte Ironphoenix, John Raidratte
 David Ironeagle, Jade Daggerfury, Ankle Biter
BY PROXY: Samantha Goldskull

  William reports that there is nothing new with the database to report. 

  Dark Archive 12th Anniversary - August 25.  Current plan is to conclude the SVS tournament 
 and have a mass mat run between 8 and 10 PM EST (come and go)
 There was a suggestion to improve the DB.