August 21, 2011

Cougar Bladerage, Tobias Darkfitte, Steathy Cannoneer, Johnny Darkbones, Kate Darkcastle, Rose Squidbonnet, Red Beard, Kiana, Kitty, 

None were brought to the meeting by the officers. However, several topics were discussed as ordered by Boss: A discussion ensued about whether or not to declare a guild to be an 'Ally". The general consensus was to now allow declared Allies, because if you have an Allied guild it also implies that you have enemy guilds. 
It was also agreed to have the Guild Anniversary Party on Sunday. 
On the subject of Thomas Firebreaker: Since he has left the guild 3 times, it is up to the officers vote to allow him to return. The majority vote was against allowing him to return. 
NOTE: I was LATE posting the minutes and he was subsequently reguilded. I accept the responsibility for this oversight and I hope you will forgive me. 

Mark Cabinwrecker spoke to me and requested that his candidacy be picked back up next year, as he has had computer and other issues. The officers agreed. Mekelle passed and will be promoted. 

Perrault ( mentor: Red Beard ) 
Sir Pasta Lot ( mentor: unknown at this time) 

If you would like to volunteer to be Sir Pasta's mentor, please respond to this thread. Otherwise it will fall to me.