August 20, 2017


Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, William Foulbutler, Kris Cannonfury, Tobias Darkfitte, Kevin Ironbeard, Mark Scurvyfox, Drewski, David Ironeagle, Samuel, David Goldrage, Destroyer Maniac, Char Gold Rogers, Richard Fireskull, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Johnny Swordparr, James Badbones, John Yellowrat, Nate Hexwinds, Kitty, Spencer Fire

By proxy: James Couch, Ezmerelda Dreadbones



  • Report on the effectiveness of welcoming members: After a discussion, it was concluded that the guild atmosphere has mostly improved with regards to making members feel welcomed when they come online. It was emphasized that Officers should still be doing as much as they can and set an example for others in the guild.
  • Discussion of the 8th Anniversary party: Officers are encouraged to launch a ship on Poderoso on August 25 for the anniversary party material runs. The event will also be public and open for everyone to attend.
  • Report on the officer database: Database is ready to accept input. Officers will be divided out amongst all the welcome thread pages to start adding members.



  • Watch List: An option to "watch" a specific member of the guild will be added to the Officer database. This feature will be used to track specific members of the guild with either current or potential behavioral issues.
  • Guild Roster: Officers were instructed to claim their pirates on the guild roster. It was also requested that they add new members to the roster as part of their guilding procedures. If a Petty Officer guilds somebody, one of the observing Officers will need to add the member.
  • Join Codes: Join codes should be used only when absolutely necessary, and if used, should be single-use. This is to avoid misuse as well as documentation inconsistencies.
  • Matching Names: It was reiterated that people with names that match an Officers are not to be guilded (exceptions apply).



  • Sharkbait - dropped from training.



  • Charles Scurvyfish - will be mentored by Kat Five Knives and Kris Cannonfury.
  • Jack Cannonskull - will be mentored by Spencer Fire and Kitty.

If there is an error in this report, please PM John Foulroberts.