August 12, 2018

ATTENDEES:  Ben Phantomfox, William Foulbutler, Sir Francis Drake, Samuel Bladeburn, William Firemenace, Johnny Bluemonger, Char Gold Rogers, John Foulroberts, Jason Firewalker, Mark Scurvyfox, Mark Murlock, Kat Five Knives, Kevin Ironbeard, Thomas Sailskull,   Kris CAnnonfury


BY PROXY: Tyler McDyess, Charlotte IronPhoenix, Nate Hexwinds, Bort Greasegorb, David Ironeagle, Stephen Callow, Fireflint, Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Charles Scurvyfish


- Database Report: Small tweaks to improve the database, no major changes at this time.  It was pointed out that every time you edit your account, there is a notification, including theme changes.

- Guild Events: For our anniversary party, there will be two events:  1)  Find Boss Hunt and 2) DA story time.


- Change in Officer Court: Members are allowed two (2) chances at Officer Court. Both opportunities must be separated by a minimum time of 6 months, and a noticeable change in character needs to be identified by an Officer in order for the second opportunity to become available.

- People get two chances to appeal their ban. If after the second OC instance they still are not approved to enter the guild, the ban becomes permanent


- Robert Darkrage: Passes and will become a Second Class Officer in the Dark Archive.  He has accepted.

No new Petty Officers were nominated.

Invasions are now pretty regular so it is expected that Officers in Training (Veterans) lead the guild in at least one invasion.