April 29, 2012


Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, John Foulroberts, Mark Edgecastle, Tobias Darkfitte, Kate Darkbones, Jim Hexskull, Jack Daggerwrecker, Sir Pasta Lot, Horatio Stormchaser 
By Proxy: Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Drew, Mike 


- A topic was discussed on the required time needed to become an Officer - it was confirmed again that it takes 3 TOTAL months of being in the guild to earn the promotion ( click this link to view). This time may be broken up if the member leaves the guild and returns - the amount of time out of guild will be SUBTRACTED from the total time to determine elgibility. 

- Another topic was discussed on booted members having alts in the guild. The officers agreed to discuss eligibility case by case on the member. 
- In the Case of Maeery, the officers voted in FAVOR of allowing her to put an alt in the guild. 

- It was noted that members seemed to favor specific Officers for dealing with issues. 
*If these specific Officers are afk at the time, another Officer needs to step in and deal with said issues. One recommendation is to say "So-and-so is not available, may I hep you instead?" If the member refuses help then they accept responsibility for having to wait for said specific officer to be available. 

- David Hulldavis's return case was discussed and voted on by the Officers. His return was denied. 


Little Plunder - promoted to Officer. 

Kelby - promoted to Officer. 


Jack (lv. 50) - to be mentored by Jim Hexskull. 

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