April 28, 2013


Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, John Foulroberts, Cap Jacky, David Goldrage, James Ironkidd, Kitty, Leon Singedsilver, Nate Hexwinds, Patrick, Stealthly Cannoneer, Tobias Darkfitte, William Foulbutler 

By proxy: "Big" Rich Fireskull, Samuel Plankburn 


-Forum issues 
*The issue concerning the new "name change" glitch was discussed. Based on prior discussion within the officer section and during the meeting, it was concluded that this glitch will be forbidden and will be implemented into the "no cheating" policy. 

*Officers briefly discussed whether or not an officer is justified when they boot a member due to making threats to leave the guild and causing drama in the process. Boss' response was that booting is at the discretion of the officer on duty and is a case by case issue. One officer brought up a concern that a decision he made at one point was overturned. Boss replied that this does happen rarely as they do not have absolute power. Again, this is a RARE occurrence. 

-Open issues 

-Officer's Court 


Joseph Cannonwrecker - promoted to officer. 

James Wyant - dropped from training. 


Mysterious Man - to be mentored by William Foulbutler. 

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