April 25, 2021

Officer Meeting 4/25/2021

Attendees:  Kris Cannonfury, William Foulbutler, David Iron, Jade Daggerfury, Wild Bill, Kevin Ironbeard, Richard Fireskull, Kat Five Knives, Jason Firewalker, Darkness (Boots), Char Gold Rogers, Samuel, Murlock, Spoof,  Nate Hexwinds, Charlotte Ironphoenix
By Proxy:  Larimar, Samantha Goldskull, Peter Ironcastle

Old Business:
 - DB (William) - New features such as multiple images per record, automatic updates, and bug fixes.

- KFK will post events calendar in officer chat.

- The suggestion of having a Tech Talk channel in Discord passes.
- The officers recognized and congratulated Darkness on his promotion to First Class Officer
- The Dark Archive will be joining Galactic Order in their celebration of Val's life in May, the anniversary of her passing