April 22, 2018


Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, Ben Phantomfox, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Johnny Bluemonger, Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Tyler McDyess; Thomas Darkskull/Sailskull, Stephen Callow, Kris Cannonfury (Proxy Master), James Sterling, Char Gold Rogers, Kevin Ironbeard, Patrick, Samuel Bladeburn, Captain T, David Ironeagle, Nate Hexwinds, Destroyer Maniac; Bort Greaseborb

By Proxy:

Fireflint, Mysterious Man, Mark Murlock, William Foulbutler, Spencer Fire



- Database:  No changes to report.  If you have ideas, please submit them to William Foulbutler.

- Guild Events:   Planned events are poorly attended at this time.  The Officers were highly pleased with the attendance and participation in the dual guild events and are to continue this conversation in the Events channel.

- Discord:  The current "suggestion" to use one's pirate name in Discord is now a requirement.  Current Dark Archive Discord users will have a grace period of 2 weeks to include your pirate's name in your Discord name.  After two weeks, a PM will be sent and if there is no response an officer will be dispatched to edit the name.


- A topic was presented in which there was a concern that some statments in Discord are not being read during the officer meeting.  It was concluded that each officer is responsible for reading all of the text.

- A topic was presented in which there would be recognition of members' birthdays.  David Ironeagle has volunteer to manage such a channel.  Members may relay their birthday to David Ironeagle in game or in Discord.  Please do not include the year, for example "December 26 ".  

 - A topic was presented as a suggestion that officers contribute their pirate biography on the guild site.

- Everyone is encouraged to give people hugs ((( DA ))) when they see someone log in and be as inclusive with each other as possible.  We are a family, after all.


- None recommended at this time.