We are the Dark Archive!

Originally founded in 2009, Dark Archive is home to hundreds of pirates on The Legend of Pirates Online, a fan-made reboot of Pirates Online. We are an inclusive guild of the most dangerous scoundrels, scalawags, and cutthroats. 

There are no requirements to join, though it is mandatory to adhere to a few rules to ensure fair and respectful play.




Guild Restructuring

At a meeting last night, Dark Archive has received some restructuring!

We'll now be promoting members who have shown good character, have been an active player, and have spent at least 2 weeks in the guild to the rank of Veteran. As a Veteran, you'll be able to invite others into the DA and help spread DA's good cheer! Veterans can be selected at any time, without the need for an Officer meeting! To become a Veteran, you must be a member of of our Discord.